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About Me

Hey hello! It's about time we met. I'm Brianna Fayd'Herbe-Norby, the weird, whimsical wizard lady behind the camera and the magic that takes place in what I do here at Bee Marie Photography. I am a professional lifestyle photographer based out of Willmar, Minnesota. I specialize in senior, family, children, pet, commercial, and couples portraits. With a dazzling diploma in Professional Photography Technology, I can guarantee you'll get the best quality experience, images and products versus Auntie Betty [you're fictional, but we love you] with a smartphone. When I'm not shooting people [with my camera], chopping off limbs [in post-processing] or flashing people [with my camera], you might see me out and about on my bike, at any restaurant in Downtown Willmar, picnicking with pals, hanging with homies, and frolicking with the fandamily. [Maybe catching a plane to say hi to friends at different ends.] Do me a solid and shoot me an email so we can get to know each other and start capturing what makes you bee-you-tifully yourself.

Contact Me

725 Olaf Ave NW

Willmar, MN, 56201

Email: heyhellobeemariephotography@gmail.com

Tel: 320.444.3085

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